Easy supervision of children

With the great features provided by Androidtrack you will be completely assured when you are almost always with your children. You don't have to worry when you're not around your children often. Just create your own account and quickly set up, you will easily know where your children are, you can also manage their children's gaming time on their phones and many other interesting features.

Love monitoring whenever wherever

You don't trust your partner or your lover, you want to know what he is doing, where you are, you want to know who he talks to often and you want to know everything. It's difficult to answer those questions but with AndroidTrack, everything is solved easily. You can also follow anyone anytime anywhere if you want with AndroidTrack

Why Us​

Easy to install and use

Download and install the software easily from our web site, with only physical access for the first installation, with clear documentation and friendly customer support team.


Powerful tracking feature

You can virtually track everything on the target phone on various software versions and devices. From location services to the most demanding requirements such as our service keyloggers are met.

The data is always confidential

All data about user accounts, payment accounts and male data collected from the target phone we guarantee absolute confidentiality. With advanced encryption algorithms, you can rest assured that your data is always safe and secure.

A Few Interesting Things About The AndroidTrack app​​

User-friendly software interface

easy-to-use application interface and user-friendly data management control panel. You do not need to be a highly skilled person to easily deploy using AndroidTrack

Professional customer support team

With a customer support team of professionally trained technicians we are confident to help customers solve problems quickly.

Android smart tracking application

With the latest and fastest developed features, we are confident that the application has completely new and modern features that few applications in the world have.

Good product but cheaper price than other suppliers

We are confident the products we offer are cheaper than other suppliers. However the quality of our service is impeccable. Good quality and cheap price, do you believe it?

What We Will Do For Your Goal​





Social Messenger Monitoring

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Wechat, Hangouts, Tango, and more are all in this app. Monitor all social networking activities used on the destination phone. See the history of easy conversations without the user knowing


Automatically Record All The Input Information


Monitor All Pictures on Target Device


Browse The Target Device's Contact List

Browser History

Read The Browsing History of Target Device


Always Keep Track on Target’s Location


You can see the SMS and contact details of the recipient and the sender on the target device so that all content can be easily accessed by your child, spouse or employee. Easily access the content of any SMS sent or received whenever

Call Log

You will easily access detailed information about each call on the destination phone: the time of the incoming / outgoing call, the duration, the contact details of the caller. Find out how much time their spouse, children, and employees spend on each call, who to call and when to simply install and monitor the target device.

Screenshots & Spy Camera

The target device even automatically takes a picture and sends it to the server without the owner knowing it. If you accidentally lost your phone by accident, this is a solution that can take pictures of that person. Can use both front and back cameras.



What Client Say About Us

There are so many risks online and I think every parent should have proper monitoring of children. SecureClone is a wise choice.

Collected from Selena, England


There are many solutions for tracking the delivery staff but I chose and used AndroidTrack, it was surprising with the professionalism and utility that the application brings. The cost is not expensive

Defi Henry from Bristol , UK


AndroidTrack is a parental control app and the easiest to use I've ever used. It was extremely affordable, but it gave me a great deal of peace. With AndroidTrack, I can feel secure when I can protect children anytime, anywhere

Collected From Alexander, USA


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