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About Us

About Us

Today, the primary concern of all parents is to ensure the safety of their children, especially in an age when children and young people are more likely to fall victim to temptations. time out. Similarly, the concern of any business owner is to ensure the safety of his business, limiting the risks posed by irresponsible employees. AndroidTrack software will help you detect dangers early to prevent it, dispel worries.

The 4.0 technology revolution is taking place all over the world with products supporting users such as computers, smartphones, smart TVs, etc... Therefore, people of today can easily access to a variety of sources of information, each of you can easily expand your relationship.

Purpose of the AndroidTrack software

AndroidTrack software is a product for parents and business owners, to help them manage their children or employees. Specifically, it allows parents to know everything their children do on the phone, thereby helping them ensure their children are safe from any negative effects - helping them. focus on learning. Moreover, this software also aims to help business owners manage any employee, detect inefficient use of working time, or worse, disclose confidential company information through their phone.

Features of AndroidTrack software

AndroidTrack software provides a variety of secret monitoring features. It helps you to secretly manage all the information on your children's or staff's phones without them knowing it.

Remote Location:

Locate anytime, anywhere

Remote on/off location

Track where the Calendar has gone

Locate with Google Map absolutely accurate

 Calls / Messages:

Record all incoming and outgoing calls

Monitor all SMS and hidden messages, deleted messages

 Monitoring Social Networks:

Keep track of all your social networks like Facebook, Mess, Viber, Wechat, Line, Inta, ...

Record all Incoming and Outgoing Voice Calls of all social networks

Track all Incoming and Outgoing Messages for all social networks

Save all photos and videos sent to and out of all social networks

 Edit SMS, Facebook content,...

And Many Other Functions:

Retrieving Old Data and Data Included in the Device

Ambient Recording

Creating Remote Photo Capture and Video Recording

KeyLog Retrieve Account Password (should not be easily detected )

The AndroidTrack software is installed directly on the phone of the person you want to manage. The installation process is very simple and fast, you only need to hold their phone for 5 minutes to complete it, then you will know all their activities from afar.

A special feature of AndroidTrack software is its ability to operate in completely hidden mode, with no icons on the screen, without any identification signs. So your children or staff will not be able to know that the software is installed on their phones.

Once installed on that person's phone, the AndroidTrack software will secretly record calls, copy the message content, locate ... and send it to your online account via 3G, 4G connection. or WiFi. You can simply log in to your account from anywhere to be able to locate, listen to the content of the call, or read the entire message on the phone with AndroidTrack software installed. This account comes with password protection and can only be logged in by you. So you can be assured that your monitoring process is completely confidential and undetectable.