Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service


These Terms of Conditions were updated by AndroidTrack on July 27, 2019.


These Terms of Conditions are issued by AndroidTrack a private company with a sole shareholder; share capital: $ 10,000;
Publishers can be contacted by email at the following address: support@androidtrack.com.

Publishers own and publish Apps and websites https://androidtrack.com.com


Websites that provide Apps to Users allow them to monitor the activity of their mobile destination device and remotely locate it and sometimes also provide other Services through the Apps and Websites.


In this document, the following terms, when described in leading capital letters, have the meanings given below, whether they are singular or plural:

Instant application: This means that a compatible mobile terminal application, which has some functionality to interact immediately with users fully owned by androidtrack.com, can be downloaded from Only the following: https://androidtrack.com/get-app

The user account of other users: means space reserved for users on the site.

User's name: This means any person using the Apps, Sites, and Services provided by the Publisher.

The website is immediately accessible at the following address: https://androidtrack.com

Use of the Application by the user of the application implies to be the acceptance of the terms of these Terms and Conditions. User's acceptance of these Terms and Conditions electronically will be deemed to have the same effect as the User's physical signature. By accessing the Site, the User also agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and by all their terms relating to the Website.

In order to accept these Terms and Conditions legally, the User must have the full legal capacity or not achieve this, they must have the authorization of a guardian if they lack the necessary legal capacity, representative. legal status if they are minors or they must be authorized to represent if acting on behalf of a legal entity.

Any installation of the Application and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions on behalf of another User implies the prior and prior notice of the Application end-user. Publishers will not be responsible for any installation and use of the Application without the prior consent of end-users.

AndroidTrack may modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Prior to the effective date of the new terms and conditions, AndroidTrack will notify the User Account User of the date on which the new terms will take effect. If the User does not respond within one (1) week, the proposed changes by AndroidTrack will be deemed to have been accepted by that User.

If AndroidTrack does not take advantage of any of these Terms and Conditions at any time, this will not be construed as giving up its right to waive its rights later on that term or any terms. Other terms of these Terms and Conditions.


1) Compulsory technical conditions

Please note that in order to use the Application, Users must have the following utilities:
Mobile devices that run the Android operating system and have access to the Internet.
Compatible versions for this system are Android> = 4.1 & Android <= 11
A computer with access to the Internet
Permanent high-bandwidth Internet connection for both their mobile phones and computers and / or telephone services.

2) Identifier and connection

During the installation of the Application, Users are required to enter a valid email address. Users are required more to create their identifiers. They should choose a strong password that includes at least 6 characters that include at least 3 different types of characters among the four standard character types available (uppercase, lowercase, pictures, and special characters) and to change often. Users are solely responsible for the selection, use, and disclosure of their identifying information.

Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their identifiers. Users must immediately notify Publishers of any unauthorized use of their identifiers. Publishers will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the inability of users to protect their identifiers.

In the event of loss, theft, unauthorized use, or risk of unauthorized use of their identifiers, Users should modify them immediately and notify AndroidTrack.


The User undertakes to use the Application and Website honestly and in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, in compliance with applicable laws. In addition, Users may not under any circumstances:

Endangers the intellectual property rights of the Publisher and / or any third party;
jeopardize the Application and / or the Website, and specifically use a process designed to distort, alter, modify, disassemble all protocols and communications, such as computer viruses, horses Trojans, worms, malicious code, etc;
change or attempt to change the functionality or availability of the Application and / or the Website;
use the Application and / or Website for illegal purposes;
engage in activities that infringe on the privacy of others, such as by stealing another person's identity;
modify, block or monitor any correspondence or communications not intended for them;
download the App to a third-party smartphone without prior notice, express consent of the Application end-user.


The application can be downloaded, installed, and tried by users for free. Subject to accepting the special Terms & Conditions set by AndroidTrack, Users may also access the specific Services available in exchange for payment. Users will be provided BeeCheckout payment service is a trusted distributor of AndroidTrack

The total price of the order placed by the User will be stated in the description of the offer (s) selected by the User on the AndroidTrack' Website before the User confirms the order and pays. This total price will be calculated in dollars including tax.

AndroidTrack may modify its price from time to time; Therefore, the displayed price will only take effect on the date accepted by the User and does not necessarily apply to any future transactions. The price listed will not include the cost required to access the Internet using the user's terminal and / or mobile computer.

The user assures AndroidTrack that he or she has all the necessary authorizations to use the selected payment method when ordering for the paid Services. The contract between AndroidTrack and the User will be properly formed upon confirmation of the order by payment and will be irrevocably bound to them.

AndroidTrack reserves the right to suspend the User's access to the Application, Website and / or Service in the event of non-payment of all or part of any sums of money that may be sent by the User to AndroidTrack, in the default payment, or in the case of fraud or attempted fraud. Users may be permanently suspended from providing services if they intentionally violate payment terms.


Please be sure to read the return policy before making payment of your order, you can refer to it by clicking here.


Before using the Application and / or Website, the User shall ensure that they have adequate equipment and the equipment must meet the technical standards necessary to use the Application and / or Website. Moreover, users should ensure that the configuration of their hardware and software is appropriate and does not contain any viruses. In the case of using the device but also the status of the device does not meet the standards of AndroidTrack, AndroidTrack reserves the right to refuse responsibility.

AndroidTrack will implement all necessary measures to enable uninterrupted access to Apps, Sites, and/or Services. However, AndroidTrack disclaims liabilities for any disruption of the service due to internet malfunction, error, or operational error. Applications, Sites, and/or Services may also be temporarily suspended for scheduled maintenance activities.

AndroidTrack also disclaims liability for the non-availability of the Application, the Website and / or the Services due to the acts or omissions of third parties or Users who are beyond its control.